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1. What is JobSign?
JobSign is an online freelancer recruitment platform that brings together services created by individuals or groups of freelancers.
2. What does JobSign do for me?
Help sellers create valuable products and receive income. JobSign is always committed to ensuring that work is always completed on time.
3. What are the benefits when I join JobSign?
JobSign will help you earn money through freelance work. The platform will be expanded to countries in Southeast Asia and Asia and help you to showcase your freelancer skills to many countries. In addition, JobSign commits that the system is always transparent, clear, and safe in transactions for sellers as well as buyers.
4. How much is the minimum JobSign purchase?
The starting price is only $5, allowing you to experience many services from JobSign
5. How is JobSign different from current Freelancer systems?
JobSign focuses on Freelancers who have good job skills. From those skills, they can create a product called an Item. When interested, Freelancer will receive many Orders from customers
6. Is there a fee to join JobSign?
You can post jobs related to your skills and this is completely free.